frequently asked questions:

Do you shoot destination weddings?

I go wherever my camera and I can fit, so as long as the slot canyon or other venue isn't too narrow, I'm your girl. ;)

How do I get more information?

Fill out my contact form and I'll reply within 48 hours with alllll the deets you need to make the best choice for you!

Do you edit the photos?

Yes! Some photographers find it to be best to outsource editing, but I am passionate about being involved in your album from start to finish, so I'll spend time on each and every image until they tell your story perfectly!

How would you describe your style?

My photos are a mixed bag of candid and posed, because my goal is to capture your day exactly as it unfolds AND make sure you always look good! I love the look of film pictures but also want the high quality of modern digital cameras, so my editing tends toward true-to-life coloring with the punch of a good pushed film.

Why do you do photography?

I have the best job, because I get to celebrate people and help them have the best day ever, and there's really nothing better. I get to walk through the planning/dreaming process and help document the beautiful details you put together! But the best part is that as a photographer I have the unique privilege of being at all of your favorite memories from your proposal; to your wedding day; to the birth of your first, second, third child; to graduation and everything in between! I walk through life with you, just with a camera in hand. I will cry with your grandma, laugh with your dad, help your brother figure out his bowtie, and get your kid to smile big for your annual family photos. I become part of the family and you part of mine; I chose photography because I can't think of any better way to spend my time with people!

How involved are you prior to the session?

I am here to do as much as you need! Don't know what to wear for your shoot? I've got you covered! Don't know where you want to have your session? I know lotssss of beautiful places! Don't know what you want your wedding to look like? Good news! I've been to a lot of weddings. ;) I can connect you to other vendors and offer suggestions to help you get the ball rolling! Your significant other/child/parent doesn't like pictures? Been there, done that, and I know just what to do! So don't worry. Hit the "Book a Session" button now and let's get to dreaming!!