Marguerite Carter

Business Owner, Photographer, and Extrovert Extraordinaire

Don't let this photo fool you - I'm hardly ever this serious. ;) I'm a "jump first and ask questions later" kind of person, and I consume books the way some people drink water. At any given moment, you'll likely find me dreaming of some grand adventure that I've yet to experience and googling flight schedules.

the philosophy behind the photography

When I was 16, I decided I wanted to go to Spain, so I used my entire savings to book a flight and then moved to Alicante for the summer. When I was 21, I graduated college and spent two months driving the US coast-to-coast with just paper maps and handwritten directions scribbled quickly on scrap paper while using wifi in coffee shop parking lots. In the five years between, I spent my nights and weekends finding new corners to explore.

And I hope I never stop.

Because I want to really live.

Because I don't believe in holding back.

Because I believe in being present in each moment.

Because I know that our lives are the compilation of time, and I don't want to waste even one second of the time I have.

My photography comes out of my passion to build a life that is full of stories worth telling. I take pictures because I know that those seconds that make up history go by in the blink of an eye; so do the weeks, months, and years. I want to remember the details, and I want today's story to echo for generations, shared over dinner tables with loved ones.

If you've gotten this far, and you're thinking "Woah, me too!" click below and let's start chatting about how we can tell your story well. I'll make sure to bring the camera.