Hi, I'm Marguerite.

I'm a twenty-something in Charlotte, North Carolina, but I was born in California before living in Maine and Connecticut for about eight years each. I grew up playing lots of sports, and most afternoons I was outside doing one thing or another. I'm one of four kids in my family, and every year we spent a week at the beach in Florida for our family reunion because my great-grandparents lived down there (and when you reach 80+ years old, you make the family come to you ;) ). My favorite memories from life have always been the simple, everyday moments that become extraordinary because you're happy and living life with your people. I eventually came south for college and stuck around because I met a really great guy. We started dating the end of October, and I knew on Christmas day that I was going to marry him; we were engaged in April and married in August (check out our wedding video at the bottom of the page!). So here I am, living in 90+ degree summers and enduring all the bugs of North Carolina all because I love Hunter. A few months after I graduated college, I began second-shooting for a friend of mine. It wasn't long before I realized photography is everything I love, and it is exactly what I want to give my time and effort to. So just a few short months later, I started a business and never looked back!


I care a lot about words and their infinite potential to create new worlds of uncharted territory, but there are only so many words you can put in a business name before it becomes obnoxious. Yet they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so how can I even begin to describe my work with just two? But I had to do it, and here we are -- Clay and Bolder.

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This is me.

And here's an unsystematic assortment of facts about me:

  • I really enjoy traveling and once spent two months driving across the country in a '00 Jetta with no AC, a flip phone, and paper maps.
  • I met my husband, Hunter, in college, and toward the end of my freshman year I told his friend that Hunter was going to be my husband one day.
  • I love cheesy movies--the cheesier, the better.
  • I like change. For example, Hunter and I rearranged our furniture more than 5 times in the eight months that we lived in our first house.
  • Keeping up with the Carters is my tagline for all things Hunter + Marguerite, and one day I will start a blog about the ridiculous things we do.

Hunter and I got married on August 12th in 2017. It was such a fun day, and this video truly captures the essence of our wedding. Enjoy!

Shout out to Paul Walker of Rudiment Films for the best video! Check him out on instagram @directedbypaulwalker.