Clay and Bolder is a wedding and lifestyle photography business based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, run by yours truly, Marguerite Carter.

I take pictures for a living because I love people and I love celebrating and I believe in the value in helping people cherish their memories. I work hard so you don't have to; my clients choose me because they know that they can fully trust me to beautifully tell their story, so they don't have to worry about anything. I am all about being genuine and joyful and true to yourself. So if you have a reason to celebrate and want epic photos to tell the tale, leave the details to me.

You bring the love and joy; I'll bring my camera and the hype.

Whether you're here for a wedding, a family reunion or "just because" photos, I'm here for it. (I'll be the one holding the camera. And probably laughing a little too loud.)

You get to live the most important moments of your life once; I'm here to give you a way to hold on to these once-in-a-lifetime memories for years and years to come.