Lessons from a Cozy, Backyard Proposal || Rock Hill, SC

1. Picking Location - Location is major in setting the mood for your proposal, and using Logan's backyard allowed greater control in planning by eliminating almost all unknowns like strangers interrupting (a common occurrence in public places). It also made the vibe more intimate, warm, and cozy. Plus, it allowed us to be flexible on when to meet for me to check out the set up and didn't seem suspicious if Savanah tracked his location, which brings me to our second lesson...

2. Tracking Each Other's Location - We live in a technologically bittersweet day and age where we can track each other's location, and this is major in planning a proposal. Savanah was in the area and wanted to see Logan the night that he and I were supposed to meet, but he (obviously) didn't want her to come to his house, so he told her he wasn't home. The only catch was he actually had to leave his house because she could track his location. On the flip side, Logan being able to track Savanah's location helped us avoid me running into her when she drove past while I was parked on his street. The key is to use features like this to your advantage!

3. Including Your Photographer In Your Plans - Photographers are not only professionals in photography; we are professionals in planning proposals. We have done this before, and we are equipped to not only capture your vision but also help you get there. Logan really wanted to propose after sunset under the string lights; he knew exactly what he wanted to create. After I stopped by earlier in the week, we decided to add another string of lights in order to better capture his vision in camera while keeping the ambience for the in-person experience. (Bonus tip - you almost always want more light than you think whenever you're shooting after dark!)

4. Trusting Your Photographer - Due to a close call on Friday night, Logan and I didn't get to meet in person before he proposed. We talked on the phone a lot throughout the week leading up to the proposal, so we were on the same page for the plan; but Logan had to trust me to accomplish what I said I would. This is where it is always worth it to find someone you can connect with, someone you know without a doubt will help create your dream proposal and capture it beautifully.

I'm a firm believer in the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words; so without further ado, check out this fun, intimate, and beautiful proposal!

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